20 Minute Workout

I’ve been neglecting my CrossFit workouts…oh well. Yesterday was really hot out and I knew Clementine wouldn’t want to go for a run with me, so I made up a quick circuit workout! My neighbors probably think I’m so weird working out outside, but it was too nice out to be inside.

Outdoor Workout

This workout it awesome because it’s pretty quick, each exercise is only a minute long so you don’t get bored! You can do anything for a ┬áminute! It’s also great full body workout if you don’t have any equipment or a gym, all you need is about 6 feet of space! You can even just pretend to jumprope if you don’t have one handy. I just used the timer on my phone.
20 minute Circuit

You can really do these exercises in any order, but I like to do them in the order they are written because it really works each muscle group effectively. The donkey kicks really burn! Fire hydrants are just side donkey kicks, like a dog peeing…you get the point. I’ll definitely be trying this workout again. It’s quick and I can do it anywhere!

What is your favorite “no-gym” workout?

Circuit Training!

Are you getting bored with going to the gym, running outside, or just doing the same workout over and over. Well this workout is fast-paced and changes every two minutes so it will be very difficult to get bored. You can do this workout ANYWHERE. You don’t need a lot of room, any equipment, or machines. It is a great one to do while watching your favorite tv show, or if you have a short break during your day.
Circuit training*The shoulder taps are alternating taps while holding a push up position.

The other great thing about this workout is if you only have twenty minutes, go through everything once, if you have forty, try the circuit twice, and if you’re watching a terribly boring episode of american idol (bleh) then go through three times!

You can also change up the exercises. I like to follow the arms-legs-abs-cardio-and static format, but feel free to switch it up!

Read more about burpees here. Now go sweat!!