Delicious (healthy) Mac Salad

It’s funny how foods that easily could be made all year long are destined to be eaten only during one season. Macaroni salad is definitely a summer food. Perfect for a picnic! I LOVE enjoying this salad as a side at BBQ’s throughout the summer. BUT, of course, I thought there has to be a way to make this mayo-filled-lots-of-fat-and-calories salad a bit healthier. I found a way to lower the calories and fat, without sacrificing any flavor. This “healthy” mac salad is still de-liciously creamy, salty, and satisfying. So…Let’s get started!

P1100144P1100148Mac Salad RecipeFeel free to use regular mayo, the calories and fat will just be a bit higher. I used Smart Balance Omega plus, it has half the calories and fat of regular mayonaise. This recipe is still much healthier than most macaroni salads, definitely much healthier than any bought at a store or restaurant.
P1100149Yum!! To make your next salad a bit healthier, try these easy steps:
1. Add more vegetables!
2. Partially substitute plain greek yogurt for a recipe that calls for heavy cream, sour cream, or mayo
3. Use egg whites instead of whole eggs

Happy summer!