300- Get the Spartan Six-pack

So, today I went to go for a nice run, because it is summer-like weather here in New York, and absolutely gorgeous! I was all geared up, Clementine in tow, and I ran probably an eighth of a mile (literally) before I had to turn around. So pathetic! …My excuse? I went back to Crossfit, after about a 3 month hiatus, and, well, ouch. But! What is even more pathetic, my legs aren’t even that sore… My ARMS are too sore to go for a run. Well more like my pecs/boobs/arms. Sooo I couldn’t go for a run because all that bouncing around hurt my arm muscles too much, yes, pathetic, I know. So I decided to really target the only part of my body that isn’t in so. much. pain. -my abs. Welp, my entire body will be hard to launch out of bed tomorrow, because this is a killa! Abs are screaming!



25 uppers means your laying on your back, legs are in the air and bent 90 degrees. Now only move the upper half of your body and sit up to your legs. Lowers are just the opposite- move only the lower half of your body, keeping your back laying on the floor.

Boot slappers- you are in a sit up position with your feet on the floor, lift your upper body off the floor and swing over to slap your heals on the right, then swing to the left. Try not to rest your body on the floor.

There are 300 exercises total, so we’re bound to look like Spartans in no time, right?!