Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Healthy Cookies? What an oxymoron, but wait! I’m serious. These cookies are healthy enough to eat for breakfast. and lunch. And they taste fantastic, even my mom thought so, and she is quite the healthy food critic. I don’t consider this recipe and indulgent recipe like others I have posted…The Russian Tea Cookies and Indulgent Sea Salt Caramel Cookies, because they are actually quite healthy! And! These cookies are just as gooey, soft, and delicious as their not-so-healthy counterparts.

This recipe was originally adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie. My cookies came out looking quite different than hers. Maybe because I subbed a couple of different ingredients, or I didn’t blend my oat flour long enough, or prolly because she is MUCH more of an experienced “healthy dessert baker” and I barely know what I’m doing. They still tasted so good, I wanna go make more. right now.

Healthy ChocChip*You can buy oat flour in most grocery or health food stores. Or just make your own by blending rolled or steel cut oats in a food processor until they have a flour-like consistency.

P1090537You can flatten out the cookies before you bake them so they are more cookie-like and less…umm…round? Mine kind of turned out like lumps, but believe me they tasted like chocolatey bites of heaven.


Enjoy! If you could make an indulgent recipe healthier, which one would it be?!