Peanut Butter Fro-Yo

I love ice-cream, all summer long! Here is an easy, healthy alternative to store bought ice-cream. Yummy, peanut-buttery goodness.
Peanut Butter Fro YoAfter 2-3 hours in the freezer it should be good to go! Top with chocolate chips, coconut, dried fruit, nuts, whipped cream…well…really any of your favorite toppings will do!

Better Than Ice-Cream :)

Summer weather is just around the corner! (A very large and gloomy corner, but we’re getting there) I love a nice big ice cream cone during the summer. Lately, I have been craving ice-cream, even with freezing temperatures outside. I have had the frozen banana creams before and thought I would add a little more flavor, and it turned out delicious! This recipe is much healthier than almost any ice-cream or frozen yogurt that you find at the store. It really is a win-win recipe!



I have countlessly been discouraged when looking for an ice-cream in the grocery store. I realize it is not a healthy food, but everyone desserves some ice-cream sometimes. Just because this frozen dessert isn’t a health food does not mean it should be full of unnecessary ingredients. Many that I looked at had artificial coloring, hydrogenated oil, and high fructose corn syrup. A thickener, called carrageenan is also used in many different types of ice cream. Carrageenan is extracted from red seaweeds, and many people believe it may not be safe to consume. I am a huge lover of the ocean, haha and obviously think seaweeds are great sources of nutrients, HOWEVER the ocean has so many toxins and pollutants from humans that use it as a dump site for pretty much everything. (Don’t get me started on that) Seaweeds, along with all other ocean creatures, are living in this large polluted area and are bound to soak up some of the toxicity. Besides all of that, clinical studies have shown that high consumption of carrageenan may lead to intestinal and stomach problems. I think it is best to avoid this additive if possible.

So, here is an easy ice-cream-like recipe that does not have any unwanted ingredients, does not require an ice cream maker, and most importantly is de-licious!


Instead of artificially colored sprinkles, I topped mine with some PB2 and walnuts. It was soo so good, and the protein from the yogurt left me much more satisfied than any ice cream would. Comee on summer!!!


What is your favorite treat to enjoy during summer!?