Tone Your Arms for Summer

I’m patiently waiting spring weather and the chance to wear anything other than long sleeves and fleece-lined jackets. Yuck. Winter feels like it is never ending, and I skipped out on 2 1/2 months of it… Welp, now is the perfect time to start sculpting those arms for tank top weather! This is also great for strapless dresses 🙂

This workout is done is super sets broken up by each muscle group. That means there are two or four different exercises that target a certain muscle group, you will finish each of the exercises in a set before moving on to the next muscle group. You can definitely feel it working.15 Minute Tone Arms

Original picture and other arm exercises can be found here.

The ten second lowers are just super slow push ups, take ten seconds to lower your body down, and then push back up. Make sure you keep your hips down and your hands are shoulder width apart. This one burns!

Here is an example of the superman lift.

It is a high repetition arm workout, start out easy. If you haven’t been working out your arms start with fewer numbers of reps. If you’re feeling really strong repeat this workout one more time by going back to the biceps and repeating the reps of each muscle groups.