Chocolate Cinnamon Ooey-Gooey Oatmeal

I have been quite the food experimenter lately, but luckily my recipes have turned out edible! This one was actually much more than edible, it was down right delicious! First I combined some quick oats and water, almond milk or regular milk would probably taste even better. I heated that up in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then mixed in a cinnamon laughing cow wedge, a mini handful of chocolate chips, and an extra dash of cinnamon. DELISH.

yakkaFIT   yakkaFIT


1/2 Cup Quaker Steel Cut Oats

1/4 Cup Cooked Quinoa

1 Wedge Laughing Cow- Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread

Mini handful chocolate chips

Dash of Cinnamon


Calories                                Carbs                         Fat                                 Protein

286 44 10 9


What was your best food experiment?!