Halfway Through NaBloPoMo: What I’ve learned so far

P1110026NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, is 30 days dedicated to posting daily. It is hosted by BlogHer, this month there are 2087 blogs participating. Here is what I have learned so far!
NovImage Courtesy of Blogher.com


1. It is possible to post SOMETHING every single day. Welll for 15 days at least. But really, now that I have made it halfway through the month, there is no stopping me now!

2. Posts don’t have to take up half of your day, you don’t have to dread writing them until you finally sit down at your computer and grudgingly type them out. If you don’t feel like writing too much on a certain day, post a picture or quote, link to other blogs, or create a list. Of course, I have these wonderfully crafted posts that I conjure up in my head, and then I sit down to my computer and A. It never comes out on paper (screen?) like it does in my head. B. I can’t sit still for very long/other things seem like more fun C. The post takes wayyyyyy longer than I ever think it will. So…I have learned to write posts in steps. I’ll think about them, write until I get bored, and then come back to it. I have also shortened many posts that don’t need to long.

3. I have learned to care a lot less about how often I am writing! This blog was originally created to be a way to share recipes and workouts in a creative way. I love the creative outlet this blog allows me to have. If I’m stressing about writing a post, it’s not really worth it. So I have learned to relax, not care so much about when I post, and realize this should not be something stressful, ever. If it is, then it is not what I should be doing.

4. I have become much more creative with my types of posts. Just this month I have written a How to: post, recipes, workouts, random pictures, and inspirational quotes. I’ve realized I don’t have to post exactly the same way. In fact, it’s exciting to mix it up!

5. The NaBloPoMo community, and BlogHer in general, is awesome! I love reading all of the posts that are included on Blogher or linked to the November NaBloPoMo page. It is exciting to see people reading my posts and reading their comments. I can’t believe I have never participated in this before. I am becoming a stronger writer, blogger, and enjoying every bit of it!

How have you benefited from NaBloPoMo? What have you learned at the halfway point!?