200 Push-Ups…Such a great workout…except for it sucks.

Sorry, another arm workout, but I’m trying to get my arms toned for my sister’s wedding!!!!! I’m so excited! I can’t even contain it! So this seems like a pretty boring workout, but it’s so painful that it can’t be boring. Sounds awesome, right?! Haha well I thought it was. Best part is you can do this anywhere! You just need 100 feet of space for the running portion. You can do it right out in your yard and run down the driveway, at a park, at a large gym, around a track, in the woods…ya get the picture. So lace up and let’s go!




There is a 20 minute time cap, try to Make sure you pace yourself. Don’t go all out right from the beginning and do all the push-ups you can in your first round. Do a smaller number so that your arms aren’t completely spent right from the beginning.┬áThis is a HUGE number of push-ups, make sure you work up to it. Do this workout with 75 push-ups, really listen to your body.

Correct Way To Do a Push-Up:


Push-ups are actually a great whole body exercise. They should be working your abs and back if you are doing them correctly. When you are doing the push-ups try to keep your elbows in close not poking too far out to the side. Also, keep your body straight, don’t sag in your back!┬áHand should be pointed forward with your fingers slightly spread. Do not keep the weight in the back of your hands.

Good Luck! I just barely finished the 200 in 20 minutes. I had about half a second to spare. Get those arms workin!

Push Up Pyramid!

I realllly didn’t want to run outside today, it was just too cold and gloomy. Excuses, excuses. Yesterday at CrossFIT we did a bunch of leg work so today I thought I would work my arms a bit. This is the pushup pyramid I did today. You can do it anywhere, you don’t need equipment, and it doesn’t take up too much time. It does, however, burn like hell.pushups

The (Wo)Man Maker Workout

Todays workout is pretty tricky, I was left tired and winded, and I’m sure my shoulders will be screaming at me tomorrow.

The so called “man maker” is a full body exercise. It is extremely beneficial for arm strength, leg strength, and cardio endurance. They also help improve balance and coordination. So naturally, they suck. If you don’t enjoy burpees, these are the angry evil step mother to burpees, but i love ’em! Give them a try, and let me know what you think…Here is an overview of this skill.

This exercise is actually called the man maker, but I felt like the name should be changed, at least for this workout. Why can’t it be the woman maker? I’m sure an actual woman maker would be a lot more difficult, right?

So…The workout for today looks like this!


I used 20 pound dumbbells, but any from 5-25 pounds would work best for this workout. This one is rough. Let me know what you think!

Blast Workout!

Ready for a quick workout that will burn your legs and arms!? This is an altered workout of the one I did this morning at CrossFIT. I thought it was a pretty difficult workout and I loved that it worked my arms, legs, and provided a cardio workout. And it is quick! I used 30 pound dumbbells, but from 10-30 pounds would provide a difficult workout. If you don’t have dumbbells at home, and can’t make it to a gym you can use all sorts of household items. Filled water bottles, sauce jars, soup cans, really anything with some weight behind it that can fit in your hand will work. I’ve even used wine jugs once (long story). Here we go!



After you finish this workout make sure you stretch out your hips with some lunges on the floor. Stretch your shoulders across your chest as well as holding your elbow up behind your head. What did you think!?