Grocery List: 3 Day Detox

Here is the grocery list for the three day detox. It may seem like a long list of items, but many of them you probably already have stashed away in your cupboards. The fruits can be used fresh or frozen depending on what is in season in your area. I tried to use a similar recipe scheme so that ingredients could be bought in more of a bulk form to save more money. Also, unlike other types of juicing cleanses you will have some leftover ingredients (flax seeds, chia seeds, and coconut flakes for instance!) that can be used in other recipes after the cleanse.

Detox Grocery List

The suggested amount of each ingredient is based on making one of each of the smoothies. If you want to repeat a smoothie over the three days just adjust your grocery list! If you don’t like a certain fruit or veggie, it can be replaced with a similar texture ingredient.

*Cocoa powder, vanilla extract, green tea and ginger are not on the lists-but if you don’t have them already, these ingredients are part of the smoothie recipes!

I lost my receipt, but I plan on doing this cleanse again and recording how much was spent. I know it is far less than some of the popular juice cleanses out there. Leslie at …and her little dog too, does a nice cost comparison for a DIY juice cleanse versus store bought. This is a little different because these drinks are more smoothie-like, using a blender rather than a juicer, but you get the point!

Are any of you planning on attempting this or any other type of cleanse? Let me know how it goes! I have moved my start day to Sunday…such a procrastinator..but I have a reason, really I do! ­čÖé