I’m Bored with Regular Workouts…

Sooo, I’ve been training for a half marathon for about 3 weeks now, but I’m not going to sign up for it until I have been going at it for a month. I always go back and forth or something comes in the way and I quit my running routine. It’s going pretty well so far! That is also why I haven’t been going to CrossFIT as much. The running program I am using has a schedule of running 2-3 times a week with some strength training and cross-training thrown in. I really like the variety and think I would be bored with just a strict running schedule the entire week, maybe that’s why it hasn’t worked for me before. Anyway, I’ve been having a tricky time figuring out what I want to do on the cross-training days, which is hilarious because that used to be ALL I did. Last week I went on a 24 mile bike ride, and the week before swam for a half hour. This week I wanted to change it up again, and try something totally new. That is how the dice workout was born. I LOVED it. It ended up taking me more than the scheduled 40 minutes, but you can cut down the number of exercises, or only use one die to roll the number of reps. It is easily adjustable. The best part is you don’t need any equipment, just a pair of dice!Roll The Dice Workout

Here is an explanation of some of the exercises:

One arm press: I saw this exercise at Real Simple magazine, and thought I would give it a try. It’s a good one! one arm press

Hollow Rocks: Here is a video of the hollow rocks. This is a throw back to the gymnastics days. …I should really type up a workout, yea, a workout that used to be our warm-up. Oops. Anyway, these are an awesome core builder. But they are really easy to do incorrectly, and then they hurt your back. So if you can’t do them right, don’t do them at all. Lower the number of reps, or just do hollow ups. (Like a superman, but laying on your back).

Spider Push up: This is a picture of the spider push up. It really engages your side obliques during the push up. It’s horrible awesome.

Spider Push UP

I couldn’t find the original source of this picture, if anyone knows/finds it..Let me know!

Toe Raisers: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly raise up to the ball of your foot and lower slowly back down. Great for balance, concentration, and your calves!

You can substitute your own exercises instead of the twelve listed. It might be fun to do this with only a arm, or leg workout, and only list exercises for the same muscle groups. You could also try with entirely cardio exercises. I tried to do a full body workout and targeted multiple muscle groups. I wanted to incorporate cardio, upper and lower body, as well as your mind (concentration and balance). It truly is a full body workout. I hope you like it!

**Know your body. Don’t do 6 reps of 12 spider push-ups if you haven’t ever tried them before. Be safe!

I’m so excited! One of my best friends from high school is getting married in August and her bridal shower is tomorrow! Yippee, I can’t believe we are that grown up!

What is your favorite no gym workout or exercise? What’s your weekend looking like!?

20 Minute Workout

I’ve been neglecting my CrossFit workouts…oh well. Yesterday was really hot out and I knew Clementine wouldn’t want to go for a run with me, so I made up a quick circuit workout! My neighbors probably think I’m so weird working out outside, but it was too nice out to be inside.

Outdoor Workout

This workout it awesome because it’s pretty quick, each exercise is only a minute long so you don’t get bored! You can do anything for a  minute! It’s also great full body workout if you don’t have any equipment or a gym, all you need is about 6 feet of space! You can even just pretend to jumprope if you don’t have one handy. I just used the timer on my phone.
20 minute Circuit

You can really do these exercises in any order, but I like to do them in the order they are written because it really works each muscle group effectively. The donkey kicks really burn! Fire hydrants are just side donkey kicks, like a dog peeing…you get the point. I’ll definitely be trying this workout again. It’s quick and I can do it anywhere!

What is your favorite “no-gym” workout?

200 Push-Ups…Such a great workout…except for it sucks.

Sorry, another arm workout, but I’m trying to get my arms toned for my sister’s wedding!!!!! I’m so excited! I can’t even contain it! So this seems like a pretty boring workout, but it’s so painful that it can’t be boring. Sounds awesome, right?! Haha well I thought it was. Best part is you can do this anywhere! You just need 100 feet of space for the running portion. You can do it right out in your yard and run down the driveway, at a park, at a large gym, around a track, in the woods…ya get the picture. So lace up and let’s go!




There is a 20 minute time cap, try to Make sure you pace yourself. Don’t go all out right from the beginning and do all the push-ups you can in your first round. Do a smaller number so that your arms aren’t completely spent right from the beginning. This is a HUGE number of push-ups, make sure you work up to it. Do this workout with 75 push-ups, really listen to your body.

Correct Way To Do a Push-Up:


Push-ups are actually a great whole body exercise. They should be working your abs and back if you are doing them correctly. When you are doing the push-ups try to keep your elbows in close not poking too far out to the side. Also, keep your body straight, don’t sag in your back! Hand should be pointed forward with your fingers slightly spread. Do not keep the weight in the back of your hands.

Good Luck! I just barely finished the 200 in 20 minutes. I had about half a second to spare. Get those arms workin!

Tone Your Arms for Summer

I’m patiently waiting spring weather and the chance to wear anything other than long sleeves and fleece-lined jackets. Yuck. Winter feels like it is never ending, and I skipped out on 2 1/2 months of it… Welp, now is the perfect time to start sculpting those arms for tank top weather! This is also great for strapless dresses 🙂

This workout is done is super sets broken up by each muscle group. That means there are two or four different exercises that target a certain muscle group, you will finish each of the exercises in a set before moving on to the next muscle group. You can definitely feel it working.15 Minute Tone Arms

Original picture and other arm exercises can be found here.

The ten second lowers are just super slow push ups, take ten seconds to lower your body down, and then push back up. Make sure you keep your hips down and your hands are shoulder width apart. This one burns!

Here is an example of the superman lift.

It is a high repetition arm workout, start out easy. If you haven’t been working out your arms start with fewer numbers of reps. If you’re feeling really strong repeat this workout one more time by going back to the biceps and repeating the reps of each muscle groups.

“Filthy Fifty”

Do you want a workout that will kick your butt, leave you gasping for air and wobbly legged by the end?! Welp, this CrossFIT workout will do the trick. I love this workout because it can be done almost anywhere, it is mostly body weight movements that don’t require a ton of equipment, but best of all…it is brutal… You will work your arms, legs, back, abs, and get a good dose of cardio. Welcome to the filthy fifty club. 3…2..1..GO!
Filthy 50 WorkoutOriginal Picture 

Scaling this workout:

There are many ways this workout can be scaled. If you can do each of the movements, but the sheer number of them…(500 is quite a few), is too daunting, scale it back to 25 or 30 of each instead of 50. The filthy thirty still sounds pretty bad ass. If you are having trouble with certain exercises you can scale them individually by using less weight, or other quick modifications.
The scale for double unders is 150 single jump ropes.

Frequently asked questions…
What is a wall-ball?
A wall-ball includes a full squat, then launching a 20 or 14 pound medicine ball 10 feet in the air and catching again. So. much. fun.

Here is a video of a bunch of CrossFitters wall-balling away…ha!

What is a double under?
Double unders are a jump rope exercise in which the rope passes through twice for every single jump.

I don’t have access to a GHD machine, how do I complete the back extensions?
Instead of back extensions on the GHD machine you can also complete supermans (also called arch ups) on the floor.

Results: The first time I completed this workout I didn’t do it fully RX (CrossFIT slang for “as perscribed” the recommended weight/height for men and women that makes each workout as horrible as it can be). Anyway, I used a lighter medicine ball, and a shorter box and finished in 24:24.

Today, almost a year later…I completed this workout fully RX and finished in 21:21. The wall balls were the absolute worse thing for me, but that’s because I just really suck at them. I often got smacked in the face with the 14 pound medicine ball because my hand-eye coordination is that bad, and I was too tired to care by that point. I also wasn’t prepared and had to run around collecting my kettlebell and jump rope in the middle of the workout, poor planning. Overall, I think I can improve that time if I tried. It was a great workout though, and I will definitely feel it tomorrow!

This is the perfect way to start your weekend! Get your body moving, warm up your muscles, and burn some calories! That beer will taste SO much better afterward 😉
Have you ever completed this workout? What was the most difficult part for you?!

Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day was first named Armistice Day and was established after World War 1. Fighting during the ‘Great War’ ceased when an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. And so, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11 as Armistice Day. Armistice Day was then reformed to celebrate all veterans, not just those that died in World War 1. The first national celebration occurred in 1947. Congress amended the act in 1954, replacing Armistice with Veterans, and November 11 been known as Veterans Day ever since.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, today’s workout is from an Ensign in the US Navy.Veteran'sDayStart with the push ups, flip over and go right into the sit ups. Travel all the way up the pyramid and back down for a total of 100 push ups and sit ups. Enjoy!

Thank you Veterans, and those serving, we appreciate everything you do!
Special thanks to my family! ❤
Jesse W. and George W., Marines
Wayne M., Airforce
Scott M., Army

10 Moves To Get Legs like Carrie Underwood

CARRIE UNDERWOOD’S LEGS. Do I need to say more??
2013 CMA Music Festival - Day 4Image Courtesy of Huffington Post

You know they are sexy, I know they are sexy, and she knows they are sexy. Why else would she wear  a long sleeve shirt and underwear while singing in front of the entire nation? So after the CMA awards last night lotsa people weren’t talking about the singing, or the awards, they were talking about how hot Carrie Underwoods bottom half is, not to say her top half isn’t just as sexy. Anyway! I’ve never been to the gym with Ms. Underwood, but I’m pretty sure she does most, if not all of these exercises!

Best LegsThese exercises can be combined into a killer leg workout. Try them TABATA style- doing 20 seconds of hard work with 10 seconds of rest, a total of 8 rounds- or four minutes. I also picked these specific leg burners because they can be easily scaled up or down. If pistols are too difficult to do- try them holding onto an upright pole, or sitting back onto something a foot or so off of the ground.

Try making the lunges and squats more difficult by holding onto a medicine ball, dumbbells, or lifting a barbell overhead. Some people forget about the lower portion their legs, jumping rope is great for your calfs. You can find some tips about making burpees easier, here!

What is your favorite leg exercise? Which celebrity legs/body do you envy?!

300- Get the Spartan Six-pack

So, today I went to go for a nice run, because it is summer-like weather here in New York, and absolutely gorgeous! I was all geared up, Clementine in tow, and I ran probably an eighth of a mile (literally) before I had to turn around. So pathetic! …My excuse? I went back to Crossfit, after about a 3 month hiatus, and, well, ouch. But! What is even more pathetic, my legs aren’t even that sore… My ARMS are too sore to go for a run. Well more like my pecs/boobs/arms. Sooo I couldn’t go for a run because all that bouncing around hurt my arm muscles too much, yes, pathetic, I know. So I decided to really target the only part of my body that isn’t in so. much. pain. -my abs. Welp, my entire body will be hard to launch out of bed tomorrow, because this is a killa! Abs are screaming!



25 uppers means your laying on your back, legs are in the air and bent 90 degrees. Now only move the upper half of your body and sit up to your legs. Lowers are just the opposite- move only the lower half of your body, keeping your back laying on the floor.

Boot slappers- you are in a sit up position with your feet on the floor, lift your upper body off the floor and swing over to slap your heals on the right, then swing to the left. Try not to rest your body on the floor.

There are 300 exercises total, so we’re bound to look like Spartans in no time, right?!

Running to the Beat!

I find it very difficult to run without tunes in my ears to distract me from my screaming lungs, and legs. I usually use my ipod, but I have never really thought about songs that are playing on my “Running” playlist. Since I haven’t updated my ipod in like…3 years I thought it was wayyy overdue for an upgrade. I noticed a couple of songs I really like running to, and looked up their beats per minute. I made some helpful charts with popular songs that people could use for interval training runs, speed runs, or casual workouts. These lists are easily customizable based on your “easy” mile pace. Use the chart below…which I first saw on KatieRunsThis.com  . After you determine your comfortable mile pace, you can create your play list to include a warm up, easy, medium, or sprint paces, and cool down. Whatever you like! And you won’t have to worry about checking your watch to check your pace-just run to the beat.

Run to the Beat


**My personal view- you can’t judge a person by their workout list, sometimes the absolute worst songs are great to run to…Call me maybe? anyone? So…no judging.

There are many combinations you can come up with to keep your runs exciting. I like starting with a warm up song. A steady pace with some sprints, and ending with a cool down song. Here is one play list I use. This would be a good workout for anyone with a comfortable jogging pace at 8-10 minute miles.
You can easily adjust the songs so the workout running pace matches yours. This site is fantastic for finding songs that match your mile pace. Jog.fm

I love listening to country music in the summer. I have never really worked out to it before, but it is surprisingly motivating. Perfect for an evening summer run. Country Play List

**You can add a sprint after the FASTER!! song, I usually try to sprint full out for as long as I can before going back to my running pace, but I haven’t found a 45 second clip that is about 180bpm. I just sprint for the beginning of the slower running pace song because I know I can’t sprint for an entire song…yet. 🙂

I will post other themed play lists soon! Let me know what you come up with!

Circuit Training!

Are you getting bored with going to the gym, running outside, or just doing the same workout over and over. Well this workout is fast-paced and changes every two minutes so it will be very difficult to get bored. You can do this workout ANYWHERE. You don’t need a lot of room, any equipment, or machines. It is a great one to do while watching your favorite tv show, or if you have a short break during your day.
Circuit training*The shoulder taps are alternating taps while holding a push up position.

The other great thing about this workout is if you only have twenty minutes, go through everything once, if you have forty, try the circuit twice, and if you’re watching a terribly boring episode of american idol (bleh) then go through three times!

You can also change up the exercises. I like to follow the arms-legs-abs-cardio-and static format, but feel free to switch it up!

Read more about burpees here. Now go sweat!!