“Filthy Fifty”

Do you want a workout that will kick your butt, leave you gasping for air and wobbly legged by the end?! Welp, this CrossFIT workout will do the trick. I love this workout because it can be done almost anywhere, it is mostly body weight movements that don’t require a ton of equipment, but best of all…it is brutal… You will work your arms, legs, back, abs, and get a good dose of cardio. Welcome to the filthy fifty club. 3…2..1..GO!
Filthy 50 WorkoutOriginal Picture 

Scaling this workout:

There are many ways this workout can be scaled. If you can do each of the movements, but the sheer number of them…(500 is quite a few), is too daunting, scale it back to 25 or 30 of each instead of 50. The filthy thirty still sounds pretty bad ass. If you are having trouble with certain exercises you can scale them individually by using less weight, or other quick modifications.
The scale for double unders is 150 single jump ropes.

Frequently asked questions…
What is a wall-ball?
A wall-ball includes a full squat, then launching a 20 or 14 pound medicine ball 10 feet in the air and catching again. So. much. fun.

Here is a video of a bunch of CrossFitters wall-balling away…ha!

What is a double under?
Double unders are a jump rope exercise in which the rope passes through twice for every single jump.

I don’t have access to a GHD machine, how do I complete the back extensions?
Instead of back extensions on the GHD machine you can also complete supermans (also called arch ups) on the floor.

Results: The first time I completed this workout I didn’t do it fully RX (CrossFIT slang for “as perscribed” the recommended weight/height for men and women that makes each workout as horrible as it can be). Anyway, I used a lighter medicine ball, and a shorter box and finished in 24:24.

Today, almost a year later…I completed this workout fully RX and finished in 21:21. The wall balls were the absolute worse thing for me, but that’s because I just really suck at them. I often got smacked in the face with the 14 pound medicine ball because my hand-eye coordination is that bad, and I was too tired to care by that point. I also wasn’t prepared and had to run around collecting my kettlebell and jump rope in the middle of the workout, poor planning. Overall, I think I can improve that time if I tried. It was a great workout though, and I will definitely feel it tomorrow!

This is the perfect way to start your weekend! Get your body moving, warm up your muscles, and burn some calories! That beer will taste SO much better afterward 😉
Have you ever completed this workout? What was the most difficult part for you?!

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