Peanut Butter Buckeyes

On an unhealthy note, these are amazing.Buck EyesChocolate covered peanut butter- one of the best combinations in the world! I always thought these yummy desserts were named after the male deer eyeball, apparently not. The real origin of the name comes from the nut of the Ohio Buckeye tree. Hmm, learn something new everyday! buckeye-tree-nutPhoto Courtesy:

Welp, my peanut butter balls do not look anything like those nuts, because I really suck at dipping them in chocolate. Maybe I need more practice. But, who cares, they taste so delicious!

I lined  a baking sheet with aluminum foil before I put them in the freezer and after they were dipped, for easy transport!Peanut Butter BallsSweet and Salty? Mint and Chocolate? What is your favorite taste combination?



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