10 Moves To Get Legs like Carrie Underwood

CARRIE UNDERWOOD’S LEGS. Do I need to say more??
2013 CMA Music Festival - Day 4Image Courtesy of Huffington Post

You know they are sexy, I know they are sexy, and she knows they are sexy. Why else would she wear  a long sleeve shirt and underwear while singing in front of the entire nation? So after the CMA awards last night lotsa people weren’t talking about the singing, or the awards, they were talking about how hot Carrie Underwoods bottom half is, not to say her top half isn’t just as sexy. Anyway! I’ve never been to the gym with Ms. Underwood, but I’m pretty sure she does most, if not all of these exercises!

Best LegsThese exercises can be combined into a killer leg workout. Try them TABATA style- doing 20 seconds of hard work with 10 seconds of rest, a total of 8 rounds- or four minutes. I also picked these specific leg burners because they can be easily scaled up or down. If pistols are too difficult to do- try them holding onto an upright pole, or sitting back onto something a foot or so off of the ground.

Try making the lunges and squats more difficult by holding onto a medicine ball, dumbbells, or lifting a barbell overhead. Some people forget about the lower portion their legs, jumping rope is great for your calfs. You can find some tips about making burpees easier, here!

What is your favorite leg exercise? Which celebrity legs/body do you envy?!

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