Homemade Apple Molasses

Apple MolassesKeeping in theme with fall, cider making, and apple season, today I am sharing another wonderful thing that comes from apple pressing…Apple Molasses!

Apple Molasses goes by many other names. It is also called apple syrup, cider jelly, or cider syrup, but really it is just boiled cider. It is sweet, tangy, and delicious. It will bring fall right back to you, even in the cold wintery months. If you went outside when the leaves were bright orange, red, and yellow and slowly drifting on a light breeze- stuck a jar out to bottle it all up and corked it, this syrup would be an exact replica! Apple molasses is autumn all bottled up!

To properly test the height of the cider turn the burner off and let the bubbles retreat before using your stick or ruler. Two gallons should boil down to about 750ml, enough to fill a small wine bottle.

Apple Molasses1

**Watch the pot closely when the liquid is nearing the bottom of the pan. Don’t leave your house to go weed your garden, and completely forget about the scalding liquid boiling away on your stove- because you will be greeted by a plume of black smoke overtaking your kitchen and living room…not speaking from experience of anything. :/

I found this recipe in an old New England Cider book. But! Foodie with Family has a similar recipe on her blog as well as some fantastic ideas about what to do with your fresh bottle of apple molasses!

I LOVE this recipe even more because it has a single ingredient: Apples! The sweetness is completely from the natural sugars in the apples. I have been known to use this sweet syrup to replace sugar, honey, or maple syrup in many recipes. Here are some other ideas!

What do I do with my Apple Molasses!?
Healthy Apple Cider Soda
Add to a Peanut Butter Sandwich!
Apple Cider Molasses Vinaigrette


Simple, healthy apple crisp recipe to come! With all REAL ingredients!


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