Running to the Beat!

I find it very difficult to run without tunes in my ears to distract me from my screaming lungs, and legs. I usually use my ipod, but I have never really thought about songs that are playing on my “Running” playlist. Since I haven’t updated my ipod in like…3 years I thought it was wayyy overdue for an upgrade. I noticed a couple of songs I really like running to, and looked up their beats per minute. I made some helpful charts with popular songs that people could use for interval training runs, speed runs, or casual workouts. These lists are easily customizable based on your “easy” mile pace. Use the chart below…which I first saw on  . After you determine your comfortable mile pace, you can create your play list to include a warm up, easy, medium, or sprint paces, and cool down. Whatever you like! And you won’t have to worry about checking your watch to check your pace-just run to the beat.

Run to the Beat


**My personal view- you can’t judge a person by their workout list, sometimes the absolute worst songs are great to run to…Call me maybe? anyone? So…no judging.

There are many combinations you can come up with to keep your runs exciting. I like starting with a warm up song. A steady pace with some sprints, and ending with a cool down song. Here is one play list I use. This would be a good workout for anyone with a comfortable jogging pace at 8-10 minute miles.
You can easily adjust the songs so the workout running pace matches yours. This site is fantastic for finding songs that match your mile pace.

I love listening to country music in the summer. I have never really worked out to it before, but it is surprisingly motivating. Perfect for an evening summer run. Country Play List

**You can add a sprint after the FASTER!! song, I usually try to sprint full out for as long as I can before going back to my running pace, but I haven’t found a 45 second clip that is about 180bpm. I just sprint for the beginning of the slower running pace song because I know I can’t sprint for an entire song…yet. 🙂

I will post other themed play lists soon! Let me know what you come up with!


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