Home Brewing! (Update!)

We finally finished and bottled our first home brew! Read about the first steps in our brewing endever here. To quickly catch you up, a couple of weeks ago we started a batch of Coffee Stout. We decided to add a whole bunch of vanilla beans too and ended up with a fantastic beer. It is smooth, complex, and delicious. There are hints of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. Last time we chatted I walked you through steps one, two, and part of three. This post will cover the rest of step 3-bottling and drinking-the best step of all!


After we waited about 10 days we added 8-10 vanilla beans to each of the carboys. We also brewed two pots of coffee using fresh ground beans from The Dali Java and poured one into each 5-gallon bottle of brew. YUM!

So on to the fifth step in STEP 3…Bottling. Our beer didn’t taste half bad, even flat, which is a good sign. In order to add carbonation we needed to “prime” the beer with fermentable sugars. We also placed one carboy of beer straight into the kegerator, which will force carbon dioxide into the beer, therefore no need for priming sugar.

SIDE NOTE: I made my boyfriend a new tap handle for our kegerator. It was inspired by Salvador Dali. There are magnetic labels that can be removed or placed on the tap to label what is in the keg…This isn’t a great picture, but you can kind of see what it looks like.
P1100039Shout out to Naked Dove!
The other 5-gallon carboy filled 53 bottles, which were capped and will be ready to drink in about two weeks!

P1100167P1100163Clementine was such a great helper…And now to enjoy a pint!



3 thoughts on “Home Brewing! (Update!)

  1. Yay for home brew. This sounds delicious! Our last attempt was a stout (coffee but no vanilla)–but it came out a bit flat. Hopefully yours is a better success.
    I just love the picture of your dog lying next to the bottles. 🙂

      • Eventually. As you probably know, it’s kind of time consuming, and we just haven’t gotten around to it in a while. Next time we do brew, though, I’ll have to do a blog post on the process.

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