Crispy Buffalo Chickpeas

As a vegetarian one of the only things I crave are buffalo chicken wings, I don’t know why, but I miss the flavor of those spicy wings. These chickpeas are crispy, spicy, and although they don’t taste exactly like chicken wings, they are still pretty darn good. Most flavored chick peas are fried, these are baked in a hot oven so they still have the crispiness without all of the fat and calories.

This recipe was adapted from iHeartEating.

Buffalo Chickpeaschickpea

I also tried them drizzled with a little ranch dressing, YUM!


You can enjoy these chickpeas with your fingers, straight from the bowl. I think they are a perfect appetizer. They are also a great crispy addition for salads or in wraps!

Are there any foods you miss that you can’t enjoy now? Have you ever had flavored chick peas?

4 thoughts on “Crispy Buffalo Chickpeas

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