Oh, the dreaded burpee. So many people absolutely hate these nasty little exercises, and I must admit, they aren’t too fun. But don’t diss them too much! The burpee really is a fantastic exercise…let me list the ways:

  • No equipment required!
  • They truly are a whole body exercise, arms…check..legs…check..abs and cardio…check, and check.
  • They can be added into most exercise circuits, or completed by themselves
  • Burpees are pretty bad ass

burpee (1)(source)

Todays challenge!! Complete as many burpees as you can in seven minutes!

burpee (Source)

My tips to make this challenge (a little) easier.

  • Get into a rhythm and stick with it!
  • Don’t slam your body into the floor, this will just knock the wind out of you and make it very hard to breathe.
  • Use your arms to slow yourself down, but don’t think of it as a separate plank and pushup, you can kind of blend the moves into one fluid movement
  • Don’t lay on the floor in between burpees, I know this sounds very tempting, but really it just throws off your rhythm and makes it soo much harder to restart. If you need to rest, do it after the jump.
  • Keep your toes curled under (not laying flat) when you are in the plank/push up, it will be easier to hop you feet in

Good Luck!!


I completed 110 burpees in seven minutes. Wooo-wee

Want more? Thanks to some of my crazy workout friends, and Wikipedia, here are some great burpee-type exercises that make the feared burpee even worse…

Jump-over burpee: The athlete jumps over an obstacle between burpees.
Box-jump burpee: The athlete jumps onto a box, rather than straight up and down.
Burpee-Pullup: Add a pull up after the jump, or instead of the jump.
One-armed burpee: The athlete uses only one arm for the whole exercise including the push up.
Dumbbell burpee: The athlete holds a pair of dumbbells while performing the exercise.
Sumo-burpee: The athlete jumps with legs spread in a squat instead of together.
Burpee with tuck jump: Instead of a straight jump, tuck legs up to chest when you jump up. (Like in this workout.)

—Enjoy these super-tricky burpee moves. Orrr feel really grateful that your workout has burpees and not these extreme variations.

Let me know how many you finished in seven minutes!!


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