The Most Amazing Tortellini Pasta Salad

Pretty excessive title, but seriously, this pasta salad is sooo good. I think it’s the cheese stuffed tortellini that do it. AND the homemade dressing, it just makes everything taste ahh-mazing. It’s picnic season and this is a great side dish, perfect for picnics! I love it as the main dish, too! This recipe made a huge bowl, the servings vary depending on whether this is  a side or main dish.
Torellini Pasta Salad

1. Cook the tortellini according to the package instructions. I just cooked the bow-tie pasta in the same pan-adding it in a couple minutes later so that it wasn’t too mushy.
2. Meanwhile, rinse and chop up all of the vegetables!

P10906203. Add vegetables and pasta to a large bowl and mix until combined.4. Mix up italian dressing!Italian dressing5. Add dressing to the salad, I also left the dressing out on the table when the salad was  served so that people could add more to their liking.6. Refrigerate for at least a half hour before serving, so that the vegetables and pasta can marinate in the italian-y goodness.P10906267. Enjoy!P1090621

Originally I was going to make this recipe with a store bought italian dressing, but I couldn’t find one that didn’t have unwanted ingredients.

For instance. The first ingredient in Wishbone Italian Dressing is water, followed by SoybeanOil, Vinegar Distilled, Corn Syrup High Fructose, Garlic, Salt, Eggs Yolks, Cheese Parmesan, Spice, Pepper Bell Red, Flavor Natural, Xanthan Gum, Onion, Garlic Powder, Olive Oil Extra Virgin, Sorbic Acid,Sodium Benzoate, Calcium Disodium EDTA, Caramel Powder, Annatto Extract373-96684 gives it an F. I find a whole slew of problems with these ingredients, the soybean oil is most likely genetically modified, there is high fructose corn syrup added (why does this need to be in salad dressing?!) Natural flavors, preservatives, and fake coloring. Gross.

Other store bought versions are not much better.

So! After I found a recipe for homemade dressing online I thought that I could try to make an italian-style dressing from scratch, that would go perfectly with this salad. Now, I prefer this dressing to any that I have bought in the store, it is so fresh and delicious. Most of the herbs I picked right from my garden and chopped up, you can’t beat that!

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What is your favorite food to bring on a picnic?! Do you have a homemade salad dressing recipe you use?

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