Intense Leg Workout!

Today’s CrossFIT workout was really, REALLY, difficult, but I loved it!


35 Handstand pushups
100 pistol squats
100 pull ups

There was a 15 minutes time cap, I only finished the handstand pushups, pistols, and 50 pull ups. Woo! My legs were shakin like bacon, and I prolly won’t be able to walk tomorrow. But this workout was my motivation for today’s Intense Leg Workout! This is a good one for those strong, toned, shapely legs…and butt!

First, I will explain the pistol. It’s pretty much a one legged squat, it’s an awesome exercise, but it also very difficult. If you can do the pistol, it is a great leg strengthening movement, and will tone your entire lower body. But there are many ways to scale this movement…or make it a bit easier than being able to balance and squat your full body weight on one leg.


You can use a medicine ball, chair, or block behind you so that you don’t have to squat down all the way to the floor before coming back up. You can also hang on to a pole or something upright and use that to slightly pull yourself up out of the squat. It can also be used to keep your balance.

Alright, so let’s get to the workout!!

Woo Wee!! This one will leave your legs burning, and yellin at ya tomorrow, be careful going down the stairs 🙂 Perfect for the upcoming shorts season!!


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