Why is it still winter? Chili and Cornbread Recipe

I am not too delighted about spring beginning with snow and ice, but I guess I shouldn’t expect anything different in Upstate New York. This chilly weather calls for, well, Chili! Haha. I don’t really know why, but cornbread is always associated with chili. I actually like the cornbread more than the chili itself, so I had to make some of that too. Most, if not all, of the cornbread I have eaten has come out of the Jiffy box, “America’s favorite.” America’s favorite partially hydrogenated animal lard? (gross!!) I am actually mad that I didn’t look at the ingredients sooner, I did not know I was eating animal lard and trans fats, so disgusting. This recipe needed an update, but most of the copycat recipes I found online still had lots of processed white sugar and oil added. This recipe has no oil, and only a small amount of white sugar, which probably could be eliminated and replaced fully with honey.

Corny-home_page-image(Picture source)

Corn BreadThis is a much cleaner and healthier recipe that still tastes delicious with or without chili! (but always with honey :))P1090307Now for the chili, what many people think is more important!

ChiliI don’t like to add the store bought chili seasoning packets, they usually contain MSG, and have very high sodium levels. It’s easy to create your own chili seasoning! Check out these awesome recipes!

Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures– Homemade Chili Seasoning
Parent’s Need to Eat too– Hot Cha Cha Chili Seasoning Mix
Aromatic Delights-Homemade Chili Seasoning


P1090301What’s your favorite cold weather meal!?


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