Buffalo Tofu “Wings”

Last weekend on the way to Washington, DC we stopped at The Bullfrog Brewery in Pennsylvania, and it was probably my favorite brewery that I have been to. I love frogs and let me tell ya, they were everywhere! This whole place was covered in frog pictures, statues, and figures. And their beer is pretty delicious too. I loved the rich, dark, chocolatey Dark Deeds.


While we were there I tried their Smoked Tofu Wings and they were pretty delicious. Then I saw how cheap tofu was in the grocery store the other day and I would try to make my own version of Buffalo tofu wings. This is also perfect because over the 4 years I was a vegetarian I always missed the flavor of buffalo wings, a random thing for a vegetarian to crave, but I did. I know these seem strange, but tofu “wings” are really really good. And my boyfriend even enjoyed them, he hasn’t really been a fan of tofu.


I used 15 ounces of tofu for this recipe.
Buffalo Tofu Wings


I decided to bake the tofu instead of fry it, but I’m sure it would just as good, or better fried. If you’re not a big fan of buffalo wing sauce these little tofu bites would be good with a variety of dipping sauces. Honey mustard, barbecue sauce, or ranch dressing would probably be pretty tasty too. I wanted to keep the buffalo “wing” thing going. You could also try to marinate them in a favorite sauce first and then bread and bake them. P1090217


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