Russian Tea Cookies

In honor of my best friend, Audrey/Cake Baby, I decided to post my favorite cookie recipe, well favorite at the moment. Soo…these are not exactly healthy, but it’s Friday! And everyone needs to splurge sometimes! These little wonders are melt-in-your-mouth good. These cookies are delicious, especially with coffee or tea (no way!) in the morning. My fav. As far as cookies go, they could be much worse, nutritionally speaking. They do have walnuts in them after all! (also quite a bit of butter…and sugar :-x) Oh well, totally worth it. I also love these cookies because there are only 6 ingredients, much better than the cookies with 25 ingredients that you buy at the grocery store.

P1090197This recipe is originally from a 1950s Betty Crocker Cookbook, and introduced to me by none other than Cake Baby’s Mom!
RussianTeaCookies (PhotoCredit!)

I am not a baker, mine didn’t turn out as great looking as I thought they would, and I stuck my thumb in one. RussianTea

But, after I rolled them in powdered sugar they looked much better! And still tasted sooo good!P1090202

Happy Friday! Which dessert is your guilty pleasure!?

On a totally random and unrelated note…I painted our washer and dryer the other day. They were soo ugly before and I just didn’t like looking at them. My boyfriend decided it would be a good idea to paint over the rusted stains on the lid with bright blue paint. He only painted the lid, and needless to say, they looked even worse after that. So I..upgraded them a bit. P1080937

Wait for it….


Pretty groovy! It really does make doing laundry more fun!

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