Brussel Sprouts (for people that think they hate them)

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I feel bad for brussel sprouts, it seems like everyone has something against them. Lots of people just don’t like foods that a green…Anyway, this recipe might change your mind!

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Brussel Sprouts are nutritious little green sprouts filled with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! They are excellent sources of vitamins C, A, and K (100g provides 147% of your daily value!). They are also rich sources of iron, potassium, and calcium. Together these vitamins and minerals in the brussel sprouts can offer protection from vitamin A deficiency, bone loss, iron-deficiency anemia, and may protect against cardiovascular diseases, colon and prostate cancers. Pretty groovy little guys.

The balsamic vinegar I used is from F. Oliver’s. They import hand-crafted, small-batch vinegars and olive oils straight from artisans across the globe. They have many unique flavors and some surprising combinations (Like smoky chipotle, or butter!). The particular one I used was a 12-year old dark balsamic vinegar imported from Modena, Italy.

F. Oliver’s can be visited here.



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