Even more reasons to love LÄRABAR!

main_logoWhen I was first introduced to LÄRABARS (by you, Aud!) I loved that they only had a couple of simple, real ingredients. I recently (yesterday) found out the Larabar is enrolled in the Non-GMO project. Honestly, this is the first I have heard of this project, but I was pretty pumped that LÄRABAR was the first company I found to be enrolled, since I am already obsessed with their energy bars. 

This is how they sum up the Non-GMO project. 

LÄRABAR is now Proudly Enrolled in the Non-GMO Project

Consumers want to know what is in their food. And we at LÄRABAR want you to know what’s in ours.

We understand that knowing whether food is produced with GMOs is important to you. In the spirit of transparency, we’ve enrolled our products, which have always been made without GMO ingredients, in the Non-GMO Project. This third party certification will provide you with additional assurance that our products are produced without the use of GMO ingredients.

It is important to note..

A product can be non-GMO without being organic, but a product can’t be certified organic without being non-GMO.

I haven’t really talked about Genetically Modified Organisms yet, but to very briefly sum up my stand on this topic I will say that the biggest problem I have with GMOs in the United States is that most people don’t even know they are eating them. At the very least, we as a population should have a choice of what we eat. Currently, there is no law requiring the labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. We have no idea if the foods we are eating have been genetically engineered.

Secondly, we don’t have concrete evidence of the long-term impact of consuming foods that have been genetically altered. Even though many foods have been modified for many years now I still feel there is not a dependable understanding of how long term, or high levels of consumption can impact people. FDA scientists have repeatedly warned that GM foods can create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects, including allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems. They urged long-term safety studies, but were ignored. 

GMO? Genetically Modified OrganismThis graphic completely over-simplifies the scientific aspect of GMOs, but I thought the public interest section and images were interesting. GMO? Genetically Modified Organism infographic

And lastly, many other countries have bans on genetically modified organisms. Austria, France, Germany, Italy, UK, and Australia just to name a few, have bans on certain GMO crops. The United States currently does not ban any GMO foods, or require the labeling of food product containing GMO ingredients. Certain states have issued bills requesting moratoria on genetically engineered foods, but many attempts to adopt such bills has failed in the past. Clearly we are missing something, come on America! And that’s all we will say about that (for now).

Back to LÄRABAR!

But wait there’s more!!

LÄRABAR is also part of the Terracycle program. Through this awesome program, you collect wrappers from LÄRABARS as well many other products, like Cliffbars, potato chips, drink pouches, and cigarette butts (crazy!) just to name a couple. Then you apply for differen”brigades” based on the waste you collect. Through the brigade you will receive shipping materials so you can send the wrappers to Terracycle. The waste is then used to make some pretty groovy items, like circuit board clip boards, park benches, fences, and wine cork boards. They call it upcycling, and it’s awesome. There are a ton of different things to look through.


So yea, LÄRABARS are spectacular. And their peanut butter cookie flavor is by far my favorite, but I think there are a bunch of flavors that I haven’t tried yet!

Do you have a favorite LARABAR flavor?!

These views are completely my own, I have not received any compensation from LÄRABAR.

5 thoughts on “Even more reasons to love LÄRABAR!

  1. Nice piece on GMOs. It’s SO important to educate the public and you’re so right, most people don’t know they’ve been eating GMOs since the 90s. The main agricultural use of GMOs currently, by far, is to make it possible for crops to be loaded with herbicides and to create their own pesticides. That’s what we’re unknowingly eating… yuck!

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