Blast Workout!

Ready for a quick workout that will burn your legs and arms!? This is an altered workout of the one I did this morning at CrossFIT. I thought it was a pretty difficult workout and I loved that it worked my arms, legs, and provided a cardio workout. And it is quick! I used 30 pound dumbbells, but from 10-30 pounds would provide a difficult workout. If you don’t have dumbbells at home, and can’t make it to a gym you can use all sorts of household items. Filled water bottles, sauce jars, soup cans, really anything with some weight behind it that can fit in your hand will work. I’ve even used wine jugs once (long story). Here we go!



After you finish this workout make sure you stretch out your hips with some lunges on the floor. Stretch your shoulders across your chest as well as holding your elbow up behind your head. What did you think!?

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